Trace analysis and quality assurance of semiconductor materials

We offer extensive analyzes for solar and non-solar applications (with GDMS / GD-SM for example).

Analyse der Spuren- und Ultra-Spurenwerte im ppb-Bereich mit GDMS
  • Element analysis and trace analysis by glow discharge mass spectroscopy (GDMS / GD-MS) with large element size and high detection strength
  • Measurement of the carrier lifetime and photoconductivity by MDP (microwave detected photoconductivity)
  • Determination of the particle size distribution of comminuted products, granulates or fillings by sieve analysis
  • Infrared measurement (IR) for the detection of cracks, inclusions and impurities
  • Determination of resistivity and conductivity type
  • Detection of dopants in silicon

GDMS / GD-MS – glow discharge mass spectrometry

Trace Metal Analysis of solid inorganic samples via glow discharge mass spectrometry (GDMS) with wide range of elements and high sensitivity

We analyze the chemical composition of solid samples with our GDMS. In this method, measurements are  carried out by excitation  with a glow discharge ion source in a high resolution mass spectrometer. Solid samples are measured directly, fine-grained samples are processed to a compact probe after milling.

With our state-of-the-art Glow-discharge Mass Spectrometry (GDMS) measuring equipment, we can cover trace analysis in the ultra-pure range up to ppb (parts per billion).

  • Determination of impurities in trace and ultra trace areas
  • Detection limits down to the ppb range depending on element and matrix
  • non-destructive fine particle analysis (e.g., in matrix silicon)
  • Analysis of surface contamination
  • Screening analyzes by semiquantitative methods
  • Determination of purities of electrically conductive materials
  • Low-contamination sample preparation by grinding, etching or milling and production of powder compacts
GDMS – Glimmentladungs-Massenspektroskopie

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