Loser Chemie GmbH - Headquarter in Freiberg
Loser Chemie GmbH - Freiberg
Loser Chemie GmbH - Resources, Circular Economy, Environment

About us

“Resources”, “Circular Economy” and “Environment” – these are the key words that summarize the mission of our company. We now cover the entire bandwidth of the recovery of precious raw materials and materials.

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Headquarter Freiberg

Saxony-Anhalt plant, Tangermuende


We are overwhelmed, thanks to our team at home, the families, congratulations to the competitors (great start-ups) … and yes, we are national winners of the KfW Start-Up  award

Photo Credit: Torsten Futh

Our company is a member of the ReLiA project, which aims to recycle lithium bromide lotions from absorption refrigeration systems.


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